China Steel Building Master and Roll Forming Machinery Manufacturer

Yingkou Changsheng Steel Structure Project Company Ltd., founded in 2003 with 6.3 million registered capital, is a professional manufacturer of roll forming machine products in China. Our extensive experience in the field enables us to provide reliable roll forming machines of high efficiency and accuracy. Some of our more popular products include A/P/Q/S Prefabricated Steel Building Joint by Screw or Bolts, Mobile K-Span Roll Forming Machine (120/240 ACM, 120/240 UCM), KR18/24 Frame Panel Forming Machine, Polyurethane Insulation Sprayer, Stone Coating Machinery, Spiral Seaming Type Silo Forming Machine, Corrugated Steel Roof Cold Roll Forming Machine, Glazed Tile Roof Forming Machine, Sandwich Panel Production Line, Guard Rail Forming Machine, etc.

    1. Prefabricated Screw Joint Steel PanelChangsheng's steel arched roof is an ideal solution for buildings. The metal roofs panels of buildling are a blend of strength, style and simlicity.
      100% usable space . No posts or beams.
      20 year, mill-backed rust perforation warranty.
      Industrial strength, heavy grade , high gauge steel.
      Best quality steel coating resistent to the harshest climates.
      Green design using 100% recyclable material.
      Endless application and possibilities,like patio covers, barns, retail locations and homes.
    1. No-Girder Multiple- Shape Screw-Joint MachineThe no girder multiple shape screw joint machine is an advanced, automatic building system, consisting of the forming and curving parts. The screw joint machine processes building panels in a workshop, and after production, the panels are transported to the construction site.
    1. UBM Cold Roll Forming MachineThe UBM cold roll forming machine is a self-contained, trailer mounted mobile factory used for the production of steel buildings directly at a construction site. The building material is a steel coil stock. The roll forming machine is towed to the construction site where it is set up by a small crew adjacent to the building location.
    1. ABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming MachineThe ACM (Automatic Construction Machine) K type arch span forming machine is similar to MIC ABM 120/240 machine from U.S.A. which is also called K span roll forming machine. Both of them are arching building machines. The K type arch span forming machine can be applied in the construction of warehouses, workshops, hangars, and vehicles for site working.
    1. KR 18/24/163 Frame Roof Panel Roll Forming MachineThe KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine is characterized by high strength and impressive live load capabilities. The trapezoidal panels produced can be used for constructions of warehouses, shopping malls, stadiums, and other commercial developments.
    1. Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming MachineThe flat sheet forming machine is the equipment to press, through rolling the colored steel sheet with thickness of 0.3-1.0mm into all kinds of wave pattern sheet. It has following characteristics: light weight, high strength, rich colors, and earthquake-proof and fireproof, etc.
    1. No-Girder Large Span Building MachineThe no-girder large span building machine fabricates the roof panels at the workshop. Those roof panels will be delivered to where the buildings are constructed by trucks. The roofs are time-savings and good-looking, and they are easy to install. 
      If you are interested in our machine, please feel free to contact us any time. 
    1. EPS and Rockwool Sandwich Panel MachineThe sandwich panel production line is composed of a roll forming machine and a sandwich panel laminating system. The two components are working independently. Feeding system, roll forming system and cutting system make up the roll forming machine while decoiler, feeding, squeezing, heating, laminating, edge rolling edge turn-over, groove-making, edge pruning, pneumatic device, automatic cutting and PLC make up the sandwich panel laminating system.
    1. C/Z Purlin Roll Forming MachineDue to the pre-cutting technique, the C/Z shaped steel purlin machine is quite different from other shape roll forming machine. It can be used for a longer time than after-cutting types, thus reducing your cost. About 500,000 times can be cut by this machine, while for other machines, 20,000 times is at most. With excellent strength and anti-bending property, the purlins produced by the C/Z shaped steel purlin machine have the feature of easy installation.
    1. Metal Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine The deck floor roll forming machine consists of hydraulic decoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic cutting, product stand, hydraulic system and electric system.
    1. Guardrail Roll Forming MachineThe guard rail forming machine can produce corrugated steel beam guardrail which is widely used in highway and sign post industry. It is also called the highway guardrail former. This guard rail forming machine is composed of electric decoiler, automatic hydraulic punching system, feeding and guiding part, leveling parts, forming roller system, hydraulic cutting, stacking table, and PLC control board.
    1. Light Steel Frame Structure Production LineThe light steel frame is the basic material for shaping and decorating roofs and inside and outside walls and for shelving ceilings. There are light gauge steel frame ceiling and light gauge steel frame for partition. They are time-saving, fire-resistant and simple and easy to install.
    1. Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming MachineWelded section steel base, both sides are made of steel plate
      Embossing rollers are made of Cr12, and are vacuum heat treated for reaching the hardness of HCR58~62.
      Pressing rollers are made of #45 steel. After experiencing the vacuum heat treatment in precision lathing, the hardness reaches HRC55~58. They also go through tempering and quenching treatment
    1. Spiral Seaming Type Steel Silo MachineWe have released our spiral steel silo forming machine in the market in 2006. It is a new steel strip forming machine designed on the basis of the LIPP-SM40 machine from Germany which can produce circular steel plate storehouse (a metallic container). It has all the functions that the SM40 machine has.
    1. Polyurethane Insulation Spray Foam Machine / PU SprayerAs a high pressure polyurethane machine, the polyurethane insulation painting machine is an ideal piece of spray painting equipment used in architectural coating. With an air pressure spray gun, the spray painting machine applies spray polyurethane coating onto the surface, outer wall and roof of the building.
    1. Uncoiling, Slitting and Collecting LineThickness of coiled plate: 1.5mm 
      Width of coiled plate: slitting 1250mm 
      Precision of slitting: width tolerance: ±1mm 
      Slitting speed: 6 m/min 
      Loading capacity of uncoiling machine (feeding machine):6T 
    1. Sheet Bending MachineThe small span curving panels produced by this roll forming auxiliary equipment is suitable for designed profile roof panels, making them strong, durable and fashionable. These curved panels save roof purlines and steel frames at lower costs.
    1. Automatic Tube Bending Machine Size: 800mm x 1200mm x 1000mm 
      Weight: about 800kg 
      Usage: Bend round tubes and square tubes to make skylights for K-span roof, or as the supporter of the first arch sheet of K-span buildings. 
      Motor power: 3.0kw 
    1. Automatic Lift PlatformThe automatic lifting table is an aluminum platform that elevates two people to work at heights up to 14m and a load bearing capacity of up to 300kg, depending on the model. It is powered using a DC motor and is able to move automatically. It can exchange low and high speeds, as well as be controlled manually, though it does not require manual pushes.
    1. Automatic DecoilerThe principle of hydraulic de-coiling machine is the hydraulic inner tight, active uncoiler driven by a motor.
      Size (mm):1800×2000×2000 
      Working Speed: 40m/min (Adjustable) 
      Max. Rack Load Capability: 2x5.5T (Double Side, 5T for each side) 
      Max. Width of Coil: 1250mm 
      Max. Coil Outer Diameter: ¢1800mm 
    1. Automatic StackerSuitable for single-layer roll formers and double-layer roll formers. 
      It is not necessary to connect the electrical lines with the roll former to adjust operation. 
      Suitable for different machines with different heights. 
      An additional air pump is not necessary, reducing costs 
    1. Slitting Roll Forming MachineThe slitting roll forming machine changes different separate covers to slit different coil widths. The up and down blade shaft uses a middle alloy steel, and the entire surface is nitrogen treated.
      Material: Cold rolled coil, galvanized coil, color steel coil 
      Material thickness: 0.4-1.0mm 
      Width: Max.1250mm 
      Slitting speed: 0-20m/min adjustable 
    1. Ridge Cap Roll Forming MachineThe unlimited ridge tile forming machine is a specialized piece of equipment for continuous rolling and cold forming on steel sheets. It uses a coiling sheet as the raw material, and a process that involves decoiling, continuous, rolling and cold forming.
    1. Multifunction Window and Door Roll Forming MachineThe multifunction window and door roll forming machine is an indispensable tool for building construction as it reshapes and makes doors, windows, gable walls and other parts of the building to give them an attractive appearance and durable structure.
    1. Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press BrakeThe hydraulic bending machine’s structure is made entirely of a welded sheet plate and its internal stress is eliminated by the use of a vibration aging technology. It has a high strength and excellent rigidity. A double hydraulic oil cylinder is used for upper transmission, and is equipped with a mechanical limit stopper and synchronous tension bar. The hydraulic sheet metal press brake has a reliable operation, is highly precise and extremely accurate.
    1. Hydraulic Guillotine ShearUsing an advanced integrated hydraulic system, the hydraulic shearing machine operates in a reliable manner and is great for cutting various metals. The blade gap is quickly, accurately and easily adjusted using the handwheel. The blade itself is rectangular and all 4 sides are cutting edges. The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine also has an adjustable shearing angle to avoid sheet distortion.
    1. Gutter Roll Forming MachineRolling speed: 8-12 m/min 
      Rolling thickness: 0.5-1.0 mm 
      Raw material: Galvanized steel sheet 
      Dimension: approximately 5500×1600×1500(mm) 
      Roller stations: 11-15 stations 
    1. Galvanized Steel Sheets and CoilsLentejuela:Lentejuela regular / lentejuela miniatura / sin lentejuelas
      Envasado:Envasado para envío marítimo estándar
      Grosor de revestimient:Z40~Z275
      Diámetro interno de la bobina:508/610mm