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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our 120 K type arch span forming machine is a type of roll forming machinery which adopted the cold roll forming method to process the raw common iron into roll forming steel. This series has two models which are CS-600-305 and CS-914-400 K type arch span forming machine. The number at the middle stands for the feeding width, while the one on the right for the finished width. They have the same dimensions of 9,000×2,250×2,300mm but slightly different weight. The former one weighs 12 tons while the later 14 tons.

The rollers and shafts of the arch sheet forming machine are both solid, and the rollers are made by 45# steel plated with hard chromium. Having computer control the process of manufacture for the arch shaping leafs, its thickness is much stronger. We provide hydraulic and mechanical machines, both controlled by PLC system. The weight of hoisting tool of our company is only 2kg, and it is convenient to install and uninstall the hoisting tool, thus making it light and handy. As you can see, the arch sheet forming machine has great figurability and flexibility from a utilitarian perspective.

Specifications of CS-120 K Type Arch Span Forming Machine

Width of the Panel Feeding width: 600mm Finished width: 305mm
Applicable Span 4m-24m
Controlling System PLC
Brand of PLC Omron (Optional)
Material of Rollers 45# steel, quenched with hard chrome
Material of Cutting Cr12 moV high-quenching steel
Step of Rollers 14
Roller Solid
Thickness of the Coil 0.8-1.5mm
Driving Device Hydraulic / Mechanical
Use Roof of the factory, warehouse, garage, stadium, museum etc.
Spare Parts Given together with the machine for free

We are a China-based K type arch span forming machine manufacturer and supplier. We also offer arch steel roof sheet forming machine, KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine, guard rail forming machine, and more.