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ABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine

, CS-1000-400

This machine is used for on-site working, and the K-span roll forming machine is often found in construction of warehouses, workshops, airline hangars, ship yards, vehicle factories, and highway guardrails.

The ABM quick span machine consists of two parts: the forming part and the arching section. These two parts are placed on a mobile frame to move from place to place, earning it the nickname of a mobile factory.

Main Technical Specification of CS-1000-400 K Q Span Machine
1. Length: Approx. 10.3 m
2. Width: Approx. 2.25 m
3. Height: Approx. 2.30 m
4. Weight: Approx. 13000kg
5. Axle: Three axles, six tires
6. Wheel/tires: Standard
7. Towing: adjustable draw bar height from 80mm-160mm with 80mm round hitch.
8. Lighting System: Easily adaptable lighting
9. Drive System: All hydraulic
10. Fuel tank capacity: 68 liters
11. Construction: All steel and burnished aluminum construction, precision forming rollers with hard chrome plating.
12. De-coiling Device: 508 mm inside diameter, 5000kg capacity
13. Plant: Premium urethane enamel over epoxy primer (white) with buyers' markings on top and side covers
14. Panel forming speed: Approx. 15 meters/min
15. Curving Speed: Approx. 13 meters/min
16. Seaming Speed: Approx. 6 meters/min
17. Tables:Four legs, with rollers, stand separately
18. Minimum Radius: 3.65 meters
19. Steel Coil Capacity: 1.2 mm nominal ASTM 653 Grade 50, 1.5 mm maximum thickness, 0.80 mm minimum thickness
20. Maximum Building Size: 40 meters wide, widths are calculated using liberal code parameters from the International Building Code

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