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ABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine

The ACM (Automatic Construction Machine) K type arch span forming machine is similar to MIC ABM 120/240 machine from U.S.A. which is also called K span roll forming machine. Both of them are arching building machines. The K type arch span forming machine can be applied in the construction of warehouses, workshops, hangars, and vehicles for site working.

    1. ABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine, CS-600-305 Construction: All steel and burnished aluminum construction, precision forming rollers with hard chrome plating. 
      De-coiling Device: 508 mm inside diameter, 5000kg capacity 
      Plant: Premium urethane enamel over epoxy primer (white) with the buyer’s markings on top and side covers 
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The K type arch span forming machine comprises of decoiler, straight panel forming unit, arch panel forming unit and other accessories. Equipped with a power set, it can transport the colored steel sheet automatically. To fix the oil leakage problem of the hydraulic cutting system in the MIC ABM 120/240 machine, we have improved it to electric mould cutting system. Our machine has two cutting systems which are hydraulic and mechanical, and both of them are controlled by PLC system. The manufacturing process for arch shaping leafs is controlled by CNC machines. With improved thickness, the arch shaping leaf is much stronger. Due to the hand wheel and counter, adjustment of curving degree can be easily operated, and accuracy can be ensured. The rollers of this arch roof forming machine are made of good steel, and then coated with chrome which provides good performance of corrosion resistance.

Having a team of professional engineers for the researching and designing of roll forming machines, we can produce high-quality roll forming machines for our global clients. Every piece of raw material and every component of our roll forming machines are carefully tested to further guarantee the stability and precision while reduce the cost of our roll forming machines in the meantime.

Yingkou Changsheng Steel Structure Project Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for arch sheet building machine and other types of roll formers. The arch sheet building machine is a kind of sheet metal forming equipment. It adopts the roll forming technology to produce all kinds of roll forming steel sheets. These steel sheets are widely used in rails, roof trusses, siding trusses, roof panels, and other fields. The arch sheet building machine can change the architectural sheet sizes according to the architectural specifications, so their demand on the market is very high, and so are the prices. Our company is devoted to producing high-quality arch sheet building machines, and the most recommended models are the 120 and 240 Qspan arch sheet building machines. Both of the series have the same dimensions that are 9,000×2,250×2,300mm.

As an experienced K type arch span forming machine manufacturer in China, our company also offers spiral steel silo forming machine, polyurethane insulation painting machine, sandwich panel production line, among others.