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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The second type of arch sheet roll forming machine is the arch steel roof sheet forming machine, provided to all kinds of roll forming companies. The arch steel roof sheet is known to require large span and good flexibility, while the roll forming equipment we produced can definitely meet these requirements. With span ranging from 5 to 42m and thickness 0.8 to 1.5mm, our arch steel roof sheet can be bent into any curvature.

Customers can freely choose from our 7 different models of arch steel roof sheet forming machine which mainly differ in span and operating factor. For example, the CS-1000-800 can only realize span of 5 to 14m, but the operating factor is as high as 80%. On the other hand, the two models with largest span, CS-1220-800 and CS-1250-800, have an operating factor of only 65.5% and 64% respectively. All of the 7 models share the same motor power, and equipped with cutting blade made of Cr12MoV material. The blade is driven by hydraulic and mechanic devices, following the pre-defined PLC programs to cut the arch sheet into intended size. We believe that you will find the best suited product from our various product lines.

We are a specialized arch steel roof sheet forming machine manufacturer in China. At Changsheng we also offer guard rail forming machine, sandwich panel production line, polyurethane insulation painting machine, and more.