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Polyurethane (PU) Insulation Spray Foam Machine

As a high pressure polyurethane machine, the polyurethane insulation painting machine is an ideal piece of spray painting equipment used in architectural coating. With an air pressure spray gun, the spray painting machine applies spray polyurethane coating onto the surface, outer wall and roof of the building.

Thanks to the innovative technology, the high pressure spray gun can keep low volume feed rates while still achieving the high pressure spray power. The spraying coverage has been improved, and over spraying is difficult to do. When it comes to electrostatic spraying of car body panels, bike frames, electrical tools and other items, this spray gun is also applicable.

With all of these advantages, you can rest assured you are getting a high quality product.

Technical Parameters
Ratio of raw materials: 1:1 (fixed ratio)
Viscosity range of raw materials: 200-1000 CPS (under working temperature)
Output: 4~8kg/min
Heating device power for material: 1250 W x2
Heating power for pipe heating preservation: 2000 W
Total power: 4500 W
Power source: 220V/50Hz/single
Air source requirements: 0.5-0.8Mpa (70-120psi) ≥0.9m3/min
Single material output pressure: 5-10 Mpa
Volume: 800x700x1250(mm)
Weight: 130kg

As a widely used painting equipment, the polyurethane insulation painting machine can spray architectural coatings onto walls and metal in an even pattern, forming a dense coating. Polyurethane is the main spraying material in the machine, and is sprayed onto surfaces after being atomized under a high pressure. The painting machine has an output of 4-8kg of polyurethane coating in a single minute, unlike a traditional air spraying machine, saving time and money. With its high output pressure, this product can produce anywhere from 5-10MPa (700-150psi) in a single component of output pressure. Due to the outstanding surface quality, the coating is flat and smooth with no brush marks. Power sources used are 380V, 50/60Hz standard electrical configurations, allowing users to freely adjust it according to their needs.

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