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No-Girder Multiple Shape Screw Joint Machine

The no girder multiple shape screw joint machine is an advanced, automatic building system, consisting of the forming and curving parts. The screw joint machine processes building panels in a workshop, and after production, the panels are transported to the construction site. Buildings made using these panels are easy to install and/or relocate. The technology of the no girder machine used in the manufacturing and construction of these buildings produces panels that range in size from 9-38 meters and come in 21 standard types.

Photos of the no-girder multiple shape screw joint machine

Building types of the no-girder multiple shape screw joint machine

Backyard garage
Car garages
Woodworking shops
Mechanic shops
All-purpose utility shelters
Recreational vehicle storage
Boat storage
Camper storage

Riding arenas
Indoor swimming pools
Pool halls
Skating and hockey arenas
Soccer arenas
Airplane hangars
Livestock, grain and crop storage
Equipment maintenance and repair shops

Lakeside dwellings
Manufacturing and storage
Conference halls

Livestock shelters
Coverage for large tractors
Service facilities for trucks and other vehicles

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