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UBM Cold Roll Forming Machine

, CS-1000-630

High Construction Speed
With the UBM mobile factory, a 1,000 square meter building can be built in as little as 24 hours. Using a high fabrication speed and panel seaming speed, a crew of 10 to 12 workers can fabricate and erect nearly 100 panels in a single day.

Low Cost
Due to the high construction speed, the cost of construction of the ABM building is less than that of a conventional and prefabricated building.

On-Site Manufacturing
The UBM mobile factory can be taken directly to the construction site, and the building is then fabricated in its entirety right there. There are no costs incurred for shipping building materials from a fabrication shop.

Mobility and Remote Area Access
The trailer mounted ABM factory is easily towed by any vehicle with a trailer hitch, making it easy to bring to even remote areas. The panel factory can be put into use immediately upon arrival.

No Structural Columns, Beams or Trusses Required
The ABM arches are designed to be wholly self-supporting, and do not require any support structure as standard steel frame buildings do.

Manpower Savings
A crew of 10 to 12 trained operators can erect a 1,000 square meter building in a single day. Users can build the ABM building in either steel or aluminum, and have it pre-painted in a variety of colors. We also keep most of our coils in stock to be immediately shipped to our unit on site.

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