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EPS and Rockwool Sandwich Panel Machine

The sandwich panel production line is composed of a roll forming machine and a sandwich panel laminating system. The two components are working independently. Feeding system, roll forming system and cutting system make up the roll forming machine while decoiler, feeding, squeezing, heating, laminating, edge rolling edge turn-over, groove-making, edge pruning, pneumatic device, automatic cutting and PLC make up the sandwich panel laminating system.

The sandwich panel production line combines the merits of beautiful appearance, low noise, and high efficiency. It can directly produce corrugated sandwich panels. This production line is equipped with advanced PLC, so the panel length can be set and cut automatically. For the sandwich panel machine adopted the advanced working crafts, mechanical and electrical equipment are integrated into an organic whole. Besides, it has multi functions such as producing simple corrugated sheets as well.

This sandwich panel production line is ideal in processing the roof and wall of warehouse, garage, gymnasium, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, civil construction, stadium, cold storage, etc. The annual output of this metal forming equipment can reach about 500,000 square meters.

Main Technical Specifications of Sandwich Panel Production Line

Size 38,000mm × 3,600mm × 3,300mm
Total Weight about 24,000KG
Controlling System PLC
Total Power (Including Heating) about 40KW
Working Speed 1,000-3,000mm/min
Density of EPS > 18kg/mm
Suitable Material for Production 1,000-1,200mm × (0.5-0.6mm)

To produce a sandwich panel means to overlap another kind of panel on the original panel. It aims to save resources and costs without ruining performance such as corrosion resistance and mechanic strength. The sandwich panel is mainly used in manufacturing of anticorrosive and pressure containers, so it is widely applied in electric power construction, petrifaction, medicine, light industry, auto industry, etc. We have a complete set of sandwich panel production line which is equipped with several sandwich panel machines. It is mainly used in the production of wall sandwich panels. Welcome to purchase.

As a specialized sandwich panel production line manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide K type arch span forming machine, guard rail forming machine, polyurethane insulation painting machine, among others.

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