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Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

The glazed tile corrugated roll forming machine from Changsheng Company can produce various tiles, used to construct curvaceous roofs. It consists of the base, coils guiding equipment, roll forming system, pressing equipment, past-cutting equipment, hydraulic station, and computer control cabinet.

The glazed tiles produced by this equipment are steady, polished, beautiful, old-timey and noble. This highly accurate machine uses PLC. Moreover, the adjustable node length can reach 120mm. This machine can be used in factory, exhibition hall, villa, and residence.

Main Technical Specifications of Glazed Tile Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

Installing Dimension 11,000mm x 1,500mm x1,400mm
Total Weight of Equipment 11,500kg
Electronically Controlled System Controlled by the PLC variable frequency control of the industrial computer
Main Motor Power 4KW
Impact Type Cutting Power 5.5KW
Pitch Control Adjusted within the range of ≥ 250mm according to requirement
Working Speed 1,500mm/min (taking the pitch of 250mm as example)

The glazed tile corrugated roll forming machine is specialized in producing versatile color glazed tile which can be found in garden-like factory, pavilion, and holiday village. This machine belongs to our roll forming machinery family, and it is a model of metal forming press machine series. Each machine is equipped with a clear and instinctive control panel. Throughout the whole production process, you will only need to press a few buttons.

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As a China-based glazed tile corrugated roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier, we at Changsheng also provide spiral steel silo forming machine, K type arch span forming machine, KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine, and much more.

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