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Metal Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine

The deck floor roll forming machine consists of hydraulic decoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic cutting, product stand, hydraulic system and electric system. It is used to construct skyscraper, residential building and bridge.

The design which has embedded buckle on the web plate provides excellent bonding between steel plate and concrete. This equipment from Changsheng Company has a better effective height and stronger resistance, because its plate is wholly covered by concrete. The steel plate made by this deck floor roll forming machine is characterized by superexcellent fireproof. Additionally, it has advantages of quick and simple operation, longer service time and so on.

The Chart of Process Flow
decoiling→active feeding→roll forming→measuring length→cutting to length→putting product to stand

Technical Parameters of Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine

Manual Inner Tight Decoiler
Coil Inner Diameter 450mm-700mm
Max Width of Coiling 1,200mm
Max Weight of Loading 6,000kg
Hydraulic Station Power 3kw
Motor Power 3kw
Oil Cylinder Inner Diameter 120mm
Working Pressure 10Mpa
Main Forming Machine
Number of Forming Steps 22
Material of Shaft 45# steel adjustable treatment
Outer Diameter of Shaft 80mm
Material of Roller 15 GCR bearing steel treatment HRC58-60
Main Motor Power 5.5kw
Forming Speed 8-10m/min
Stand 350# steel welding
The Plating Chromium of Roller Surface 0.05mm
Hydraulic Cutter
Material of Blade Cr12 with quenched treatment 60-62
Cutting System adopt advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cut after forming, no distortion, no waste, high safe factor(main motor stops and then cuts)
Electrical System
The Main Computer (PLC) Tai Da DVP14ES
Hydraulic System
Adopting Advanced Hydraulic System of Taiwan
Power 4KW
Automatic Inner Tight Decoiler 1 set
Main Forming Machine 1 set
Hydraulic System 1 set
Electrical System 1 set
Normal Product Stand 3 sets

The deck floor roll forming machine is another model of roll forming equipment from our company. It is mainly used to produce metal panels for constructing structure decks. Due to the reasonable structure and high-performance materials, it can ensure high efficiency and stability while producing metal panels with high rigidity and low deformation.

As a professional deck floor roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer K type arch span forming machine, KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine, guard rail forming machine, among others.

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