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Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

The flat sheet forming machine is the equipment to press, through rolling the colored steel sheet with thickness of 0.3-1.0mm into all kinds of wave pattern sheet. It has following characteristics: light weight, high strength, rich colors, and earthquake-proof and fireproof, etc. The machine is suitable for the use of building, warehouse, roof board, interior wall board, external wall board, decoration, etc. and widely applied in many places, such as garden-style factories, scenic travel spots, hotels, exhibition centers, villas, civil construction and so on.

In order to meet the requirements of all kinds of colored sheet and materials (high and low strength sheet), our company improves the design of the forming press and adds a herringbone roller between wave crests of profile, so pressed sheet has flat and beautiful appearance, and the strength of flat sheet is improved. All the rollers are forged from high-quality steel and processed intensely through high frequency hardening, quenching and tempering. The surfaces of the rollers are plated with hard chromium, which provides rollers with better smoothness and wear-resisting property. Thanks to the PLC controlling system, the cutting measurements are all controlled automatically, which is reliable and laborsaving.

Main Technical Specifications of Flat Corrugated Steel Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Size 7,400mm × 1,300mm × 1,400mm
Total Weight About 18,000KG
Controlling System PLC
Power 3KW
Working Speed 12,000mm/min

In order to fill the gaps in engineering construction of concrete structures, corrugated forming steel sheet is used to increase the strength, and traditional concrete structures are replaced by assembly construction methods. Our flat corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine can provide you with good roll forming service. This machine is a model of sheet metal machine. The corrugated steel sheet produced by it has high strength and abundant color choices which is your best choice for all kinds of building board. The flat corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine is also equipped with LCD display screen and control panel. This roll forming equipment for sale is surely promising.

We are an experienced flat corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products including KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine, guard rail forming machine, sandwich panel production line, and more.

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