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Double Layer Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

The double layer corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine is used to press the colored steel sheet by rolling and cold bending techniques. This equipment can press sheet into all kinds of wave pattern sheet, with the sheet thickness in the range of 0.3 to 1.0mm. It is widely used in many fields, such as civilian building, warehouse, roof board, interior wall board, external wall board, decoration, etc.

We have improved the design of the forming press and add a herringbone roller between wave crests of profile to meet the needs of all kinds of colored sheets and materials (high and low strength). So The colored steel sheets produced by this metal forming equipment has the merits of light weight, high strength, rich colors, and earthquake resistance and fire resistance, etc.

The quality of rollers can be guaranteed, because they are processed intensely through high frequency hardening, quenching and tempering. Additionally, the sheet surface is hard chromium plating, so they are smooth and wear proof. The length and measurement pressed by this equipment are controlled by the computer. So the measurement is accurate and the steel sheet is wear proof.

Main Technical Specifications of Double Layer Corrugated Steel Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Main Power 5.5KW
Roll Station 10-18
Size of Roll Forming Machine About 9.4m*1.65m*1.2m
Diameter of Shaft 76mm
Thickness of Formed Steel 0.3mm-0.8mm
Width of Raw Material 1,250mm (can depend on client request)
Material of the Roller 45# forge steel, machined with numerical control, polished and coated with chrome, surface with 0.05mm
Hydraulic Power 4KW
Computer Controlling System PLC, Panasonic
Computer Operating Board Touch screen
Length Tolerance +/-1.5mm
Working Speed 12-15m/min (not including cutting)
Hydraulic Pressure 12Mpa
Miscellaneous manual pre-cutter

Same as the flat corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine, the double layer corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine is also a model of steel framing machine, but it can produce double layer corrugated steel sheet, and the dimensions have been increased accordingly. With large and customizable width of raw material, the pre-treating process can be omitted. Thanks to the PLC controlling system and touch screen design, time and human resources can be saved.

As a specialized double layer corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we at Changsheng also provide guard rail forming machine, sandwich panel production line, polyurethane insulation painting machine, and much more.

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