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Spiral Seaming Type Steel Silo Machine

We have released our spiral steel silo forming machine in the market in 2006. It is a new steel strip forming machine designed on the basis of the LIPP-SM40 machine from Germany which can produce circular steel plate storehouse (a metallic container). It has all the functions that the SM40 machine has. Additionally, it is made of a high-strength alloy steel structure, which is durable and practical. Compared with SM40, it is easier to install, maintain and operate. This makes it more competitive in terms of performance price ratio.

Our steel strip forming machine makes cylinders that can be used in the food, brewing, petroleum, medicine, water curing and industry. The manufactured cylinders can also be used as storage facilities for wheat, soybean, corn, flour, fly ash, sewage, chemical syrup, recycled water, among others.

Our steel strip forming machine is able to carry out five molding and folding working process through which steel plates (2-4mm thick, 500mm wide) are combined to make a cylindrical container with a diameter ranging from 4 to 40 meters.

Specifications of Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine

Forming Machine
Size 2200*800*1,300mm
Weight about 3,150kg
Bending Machine
Size 220*800*1,600mm
Weight 3000kg
Thickness 2-4mm
Width of Sheet 500mm
Radius of Finished Silo 6-40m
Height of Finished Silo ≤30m
Working Speed 3.5-4.5m/min

The circular steel plate storehouse is a widely used metallic container in storage of oil, medical water, and liquefied gas. Our spiral steel silo forming machine is a specialized steel silo forming machinery to manufacture steel plate storehouse. It can produce quantities of steel plate storehouses according to the steel silo design. This machine is composed with forming machine and bending machine. The finished steel plate storehouse has a wide range of sizes to meet different requirements.

As an experienced spiral steel silo forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide sandwich panel production line, polyurethane insulation painting machine, guard raill forming machine, and deck floor roll forming machine, among others.

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