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Metal Forming Machines

The metal forming machine adopts cold roll forming technology which is a highly efficient and economical processing method. The forming stations are assembled with definite shapes of rollers. As sheet metal travels between the forming stations, it is formed gradually into desired geometry.

    1. EPS and Rockwool Sandwich Panel Machine The sandwich panel production line is composed of a roll forming machine and a sandwich panel laminating system. The two components are working independently. Feeding system, roll forming system and cutting system make up the roll forming machine while decoiler, feeding, squeezing, heating, laminating, edge rolling edge turn-over, groove-making, edge pruning, pneumatic device, automatic cutting and PLC make up the sandwich panel laminating system. Inquiry Form
    1. C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Due to the pre-cutting technique, the C/Z shaped steel purlin machine is quite different from other shape roll forming machine. It can be used for a longer time than after-cutting types, thus reducing your cost. About 500,000 times can be cut by this machine, while for other machines, 20,000 times is at most. With excellent strength and anti-bending property, the purlins produced by the C/Z shaped steel purlin machine have the feature of easy installation. Inquiry Form
    1. Guardrail Roll Forming Machine The guard rail forming machine can produce corrugated steel beam guardrail which is widely used in highway and sign post industry. It is also called the highway guardrail former. This guard rail forming machine is composed of electric decoiler, automatic hydraulic punching system, feeding and guiding part, leveling parts, forming roller system, hydraulic cutting, stacking table, and PLC control board. Inquiry Form
    1. Linha de produção de estrutura de aço leve The light steel frame is the basic material for shaping and decorating roofs and inside and outside walls and for shelving ceilings. There are light gauge steel frame ceiling and light gauge steel frame for partition. They are time-saving, fire-resistant and simple and easy to install. Inquiry Form
    1. Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine Welded section steel base, both sides are made of steel plate
      Embossing rollers are made of Cr12, and are vacuum heat treated for reaching the hardness of HCR58~62.
      Pressing rollers are made of #45 steel. After experiencing the vacuum heat treatment in precision lathing, the hardness reaches HRC55~58. They also go through tempering and quenching treatment
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For producing parts with long length or in large quantities, roll forming technology can do a good job. Our metal forming machine can produce a variety of cross- section profiles, while each profile requires a carefully crafted set of roll tools. Compared to extruded ones of similar shapes, roll formed sections have several advantages such as lighter weight and better strength, because they are processed in a cold state. In addition, the part can be produced with surface finish or even painted.

The roll forming machines being produced now are mainly for similar products such as stud and track profiles. Multiple configurations can be set up for different roll forming lines in order to punch and cut off parts in a continuous operation. If the process needs to cut a part to length, you can set up the lines to use a pre-cut die. While set up to use a post-cut die, the roll forming lines will cut off the profile at the precise position after the roll forming process.

There are several kinds of metal forming techniques, but cold pressing forming, die-casting forming, and metal injection forming are the main types. The cold pressing forming is the most common one.

We have provided 6 different models of cold pressing metal forming equipment. Each of them can be used to produce different metal panels. The C/Z shaped steel purlin machine can produce C/Z shaped steel purlin, and it is very durable. The glazed tile corrugated roll forming machine can produce color glazed tile. It has the largest size among all the sheet metal forming machineries, which is 11,000×1,500×1,400mm, while the weight reaches 11.5 tons. The deck floor roll forming machine is specialized in producing structure deck with high efficiency and easy manipulation. The flat corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine and the double layer corrugated steel sheet roll forming machine are both used to produce corrugated steel sheet. The former one has smaller dimensions and produces smaller sheet, but they keep the basically same thickness of sheet produced. The spiral steel silo forming machine can produce silos of diameters ranging from 2.5m to 50m which are multifunctional. All of the metal forming machines are equipped with advanced PLC controlling system to bring convenience in your production.

As a specialized metal forming machine manufacturer in China, our company also offers KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine, guard rail forming machine, sandwich panel production line, among others.