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Concealed Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Specifications of the concealed roof panel roll forming machine

Suitable material Color steel sheet, thickness from 0.3mm to 0.7mm
Working speed Approximately 8-15m/min
stress 235MPa, 345MPa, 550MPa.
Power Main motor power: 5.5 Kw (Depends on design)
Hydraulic station power: 3Kw (Depends on design)
Material of forming rollers No.45 steel, plated with chrome on surface.
Material of cutter, pressing die Cr12 mold steel with quench treatment, HRC58-60
Material of shaft High quality 45# steel, Roller grinder milling.
Controlling system PLC
Total weight of machine Approximately 50,000 KGS
Machine's size Approximately 8m×1.3m× 1.5m

1. Anti-rust roller: The anti-rust roller is produced using a CNC machine. It is plated with hard chrome to protect the surface’s shine and ensure the strength.
2. Heat treatment: Heat treatment for the cutting frame removes steel stress and avoids deformations.
3. Cutter blade: the Cr12 mold steel blade undergoes a quenched treatment, and has a long service life.
4. High precision: The shafts for the rollers are tooled using a grinding machine. Rollers are CNC processed to ensure a precision performance.
5. Automatic PLC: The imported PLC utilizes a touch screen, inverter and transformer.

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