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Prefabricated Steel Building

As a new construction method carried out by the arch building system, the arch building system is generally made up of an arch building machine, which is a self-contained, metal building manufacturing plant. This arch building machine can be mounted on a trailer, thus easily towed and transported to any construction sites including those at remote locations, even overseas.

Due to the good rust-resistant, watertight, fireproof, and durability qualities of the structures built, CS-240/120 Qspan can be used to build functional structures at any site, including those in remote areas. CS-240/120 Qspan can not only constructs strong buildings that lasts a lifetime, but also be applied for the expansion of existing structures.

Rapid Construction, Reduced Cost
Our CS-240/120 Qspan is a mobile manufacturing factory. Qspan can perform as a manufacturing factory on the construction site which could fabricate and assemble an entire building with only 10-12 workers. This self-contained manufacturing factory is mobile, and capable of assembling a building in just one single day, thus saving time and money. Because no screw, bolts, fastener, beams, trusses or columns are required, our CS-240/120 is able to carry out rapid construction, and based on the same reason, Qspan projects cost 40-60 percent less than conventional labor-intensive constructions or buildings.

Durable and Maintenance-Free
Qspan buildings are characterized by watertight, rust-resistant and fireproof. It is tested and approved that their strength can meet the general requirements in withstanding typhoons, earthquakes, harsh winds and heavy snow. As you can see, Qspan buildings are durable and maintenance-free.

Mobile and Flexible Designs
As a self-contained manufacturing factory on wheels, Qspan is mounted on a rugged, all-terrain, road-tested trailer, therefore, it can be transported or deployed conveniently to any remote construction site all over the world by aircraft. CS-240/120 Qspan can also be customizable to fit your specific requirements. For example, you can adjust the width of clear span buildings to be either small or large. When the need arises, the nature of the structure of the building will allow you to extend the length of the building.

Applications of Arch Building Project

Cold storage, covered livestock pens, dairies, farming cooperatives, food storage, food processing, distribution and warehousing, hothouses, meatpacking plants, shade growth facilities, and barns & stables.
Commercial/ Retail
Hangars, boat sales, covered walkways, equestrian, equipment leasing companies, livestock and breeding maintenance facilities, market places/bazaars, museums, residential common areas, self-storage facilities, stores/storefronts, gas stations, telecommunication infrastructure coverage, vehicle dealerships, and warehouses.
Factories, laboratories, office parks, refineries and other processing plants, rest stops, roofing companies, covered storage for industrial waste, and do-it-yourself retail locations.
Airport facilities: hangars, maintenance facilities, baggage handling and storage, processing.
Bus and train stations, churches, daycare centers, drug treatment facilities, elder care communities, medical centers/hospitals, meeting halls, prisons, receptions, rest stops, gymnasiums, roadside storage facilities, schools, and tunnel lining.
Barracks and dormitories, base construction and reconstruction, equipment maintenance and repair workshops, stores and warehouses, border posts, aircraft and helicopter hangars, covered aircraft shelters, hardened and underground bunkers, ammunition storage, prepositioning for emergency response, sport facilities, supply depots, simulators, and training buildings.
Public Works
Administrative buildings, dormitories, guardrails, machine shops, pumping stations, and other containment facilities.
Amusement park shelters, vacation homes, camping facilities, enclosed sport facilities: tennis courts, batting ranges, golfing ranges, ice rinks, bowling alleys, fitness centers, historic landmarks/tourist shelters, and swimming pools.
Dormitories and low-cost housing.