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Uncoiling, Slitting and Collecting Line

Thickness of coiled plate: 1.5mm
Width of coiled plate: slitting 1250mm
Precision of slitting: width tolerance: ±1mm
Slitting speed: 6 m/min
Loading capacity of uncoiling machine (feeding machine):6T
Coil I.D: Ø500mm;
Max Strips: 8 pcs.
Min. Strip Width: 150mm.
Knife pivot diameter of slitting: Ø200mm; material Cr12MoV
Slitting blade: 7 sets.
Material of cutting blade: Cr12MoV
Hardness of blade: HRC58°—60°
Recoiler I.D: Ø530mm
Electrical standard: 380V/3PH/50Hz;
Overall Dimension: 6500mmx2500mmx2000mm.
Total Power: 31.5KW (7.5 kW x 2+ 5.5kw x 3)
Decoiler: L x W x H (mm): 1350 x 2330 x 1600
Guiding and slitting: L x W x H (mm): 3000 x 1880 x 1600
Tension: L x W x H (mm): 550 x 1980 x 1100
Recoiler: L x W x H (mm): 1455 x 2440 x 1900

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