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Powerless Roof Turbine

Wind Cap
The stainless steel wind cap is a piece of auxiliary equipment, automatically driven by the wind, 24 hours a day. It is extremely sensitive to wind, so even the slightest breeze will move it, and its rotation is silent and smooth. The wind cap has 32 wings attached to its iron base, and is corrosion resistant, acid resistant and alkali resistant. It weighs only 4.5 kg. We are easily able to manufacture wind caps in different materials and sizes based on customer needs.

Specification of Wind cap
Ball diameter: 620mm
Neck diameter: 500mm
Leaf number: 32 pieces
Leaf material: stainless steel/prepainted galvanized steel
Leaf thickness: 0.24mm/0.34mm
Tube thickness: 0.4mm
Base of tube thickness: 0.4mm
Inside: Sealed bearing stamping bracket

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