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Sheet Bending Machine

Flat Sheet Bending Machine

The small span curving panels produced by this roll forming auxiliary equipment is suitable for designed profile roof panels, making them strong, durable and fashionable. These curved panels save roof purlines and steel frames at lower costs.

Main Technical Specification
1. Size: 2100mm×2000mm×1800mm
2. Weight: about 3500kgs
3. Feeding width: 1020mm
4. Depth of the groove: 29mm
5. Thickness of steel: 0.3-0.8mm
6. Proper span without supporters: ≤15m
If there are supports, the size can be as large as possible.
7. Power: 11kw
8. Bending speed: 4m/min
9. Pressure: 65Mpa
10. Controlling system: Automatic/Manual
11. PLC: JAPAN OMRON (Touch Screen)
12. Roller stations: 6 steps
13. Material of rollers: 45# steel, quenched HRC 58-62
14. Material of roller shafts: 45# steel, adjusted
15. Electrical standard: 380V/50HZ/3phase

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