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Multifunction Window and Door Roll Forming Machine

Features and Usage
1. The multifunction window and door roll forming machine is an indispensable tool for building construction as it reshapes and makes doors, windows, gable walls and other parts of the building to give them an attractive appearance and durable structure.
2. This multifunction window and door taping machine is convenient and saves time in construction with its numerous functions.
3. Currently, we have 6 models available for use in construction. The dimensions of each model are changeable and easily adjusted.
4. If the construction departments have particular requirements for the roll forming machine model, we will produce the door and window roll forming machine after we have received the technical drawings and dimensions for the machine.

Main Technical Specification
1. Size: 2600mm × 1200mm × 1200mm
2. Total weight: about 1500KG
3. Controlling system: PLC
4. Power: 1.5KW
5. Working speed: 18,000mm/min
6. Electric Standard: 220V/380V, 60 HZ, 3 PHASE

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