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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

For customers at home and abroad, we have brought our first type of arch sheet building machine. It is mainly used to produce arch steel sheet for arch building. This kind of building is an independent building which can be transported after split. To bend the arch sheet into the required curvature, both of the architectural sheet size and thickness have to meet the standard.

We have 8 different models of arch sheet building equipment with the same dimensions of 9,000×2,250×2,300mm, but the weight differs. The heaviest two models such as the CS-1000 weighs 15 tons, while the lightest one 14 tons. In accordance with the naming convention of our company, the model numbers indicate the feeding width and finished width respectively. For example, the model name CS-914-750 means its feeding width is 914mm, and the finished width is 750mm.

The arch sheet building machine is also a kind of roll forming machinery. The rolling technique is adopted to adjust the architectural sheet size to meet the requirements in construction. So we choose the wearproof 45# medium-carbon steel as the material of the forming rolls. After high-frequency quenching, the surface hardness is improved, thus making it even more wearproof.

As an experienced arch sheet building machine manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products that includes spiral steel silo forming machine, K type arch span forming machine, KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine, among others.