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Auxiliary Equipment

    1. Uncoiling, Slitting and Collecting Line Thickness of coiled plate: 1.5mm 
      Width of coiled plate: slitting 1250mm 
      Precision of slitting: width tolerance: ±1mm 
      Slitting speed: 6 m/min 
      Loading capacity of uncoiling machine (feeding machine):6T 
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    1. Sheet Bending Machine The small span curving panels produced by this roll forming auxiliary equipment is suitable for designed profile roof panels, making them strong, durable and fashionable. These curved panels save roof purlines and steel frames at lower costs. Inquiry Form
    1. Automatic Tube Bending Machine Size: 800mm x 1200mm x 1000mm 
      Weight: about 800kg 
      Usage: Bend round tubes and square tubes to make skylights for K-span roof, or as the supporter of the first arch sheet of K-span buildings. 
      Motor power: 3.0kw 
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    1. Automatic Lift Platform The automatic lifting table is an aluminum platform that elevates two people to work at heights up to 14m and a load bearing capacity of up to 300kg, depending on the model. It is powered using a DC motor and is able to move automatically. It can exchange low and high speeds, as well as be controlled manually, though it does not require manual pushes. Inquiry Form
    1. Automatic Decoiler The principle of hydraulic de-coiling machine is the hydraulic inner tight, active uncoiler driven by a motor.
      Size (mm):1800×2000×2000 
      Working Speed: 40m/min (Adjustable) 
      Max. Rack Load Capability: 2x5.5T (Double Side, 5T for each side) 
      Max. Width of Coil: 1250mm 
      Max. Coil Outer Diameter: ¢1800mm 
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    1. Automatic Stacker Suitable for single-layer roll formers and double-layer roll formers. 
      It is not necessary to connect the electrical lines with the roll former to adjust operation. 
      Suitable for different machines with different heights. 
      An additional air pump is not necessary, reducing costs 
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    1. Slitting Roll Forming Machine The slitting roll forming machine changes different separate covers to slit different coil widths. The up and down blade shaft uses a middle alloy steel, and the entire surface is nitrogen treated.
      Material: Cold rolled coil, galvanized coil, color steel coil 
      Material thickness: 0.4-1.0mm 
      Width: Max.1250mm 
      Slitting speed: 0-20m/min adjustable 
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    1. Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine The unlimited ridge tile forming machine is a specialized piece of equipment for continuous rolling and cold forming on steel sheets. It uses a coiling sheet as the raw material, and a process that involves decoiling, continuous, rolling and cold forming. Inquiry Form
    1. Multifunction Window and Door Roll Forming Machine The multifunction window and door roll forming machine is an indispensable tool for building construction as it reshapes and makes doors, windows, gable walls and other parts of the building to give them an attractive appearance and durable structure. Inquiry Form
    1. Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press Brake The hydraulic bending machine’s structure is made entirely of a welded sheet plate and its internal stress is eliminated by the use of a vibration aging technology. It has a high strength and excellent rigidity. A double hydraulic oil cylinder is used for upper transmission, and is equipped with a mechanical limit stopper and synchronous tension bar. The hydraulic sheet metal press brake has a reliable operation, is highly precise and extremely accurate. Inquiry Form
    1. Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Using an advanced integrated hydraulic system, the hydraulic shearing machine operates in a reliable manner and is great for cutting various metals. The blade gap is quickly, accurately and easily adjusted using the handwheel. The blade itself is rectangular and all 4 sides are cutting edges. The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine also has an adjustable shearing angle to avoid sheet distortion. Inquiry Form
    1. Gutter Roll Forming Machine Rolling speed: 8-12 m/min 
      Rolling thickness: 0.5-1.0 mm 
      Raw material: Galvanized steel sheet 
      Dimension: approximately 5500×1600×1500(mm) 
      Roller stations: 11-15 stations 
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    1. Powerless Roof Turbine The stainless steel wind cap is a piece of auxiliary equipment, automatically driven by the wind, 24 hours a day. It is extremely sensitive to wind, so even the slightest breeze will move it, and its rotation is silent and smooth. The wind cap has 32 wings attached to its iron base, and is corrosion resistant, acid resistant and alkali resistant. It weighs only 4.5 kg. We are easily able to manufacture wind caps in different materials and sizes based on customer needs. Inquiry Form