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    1. Prefabricated Screw Joint Steel Panel Changsheng's steel arched roof is an ideal solution for buildings. The metal roofs panels of buildling are a blend of strength, style and simlicity.
      100% usable space . No posts or beams.
      20 year, mill-backed rust perforation warranty.
      Industrial strength, heavy grade , high gauge steel.
      Best quality steel coating resistent to the harshest climates.
      Green design using 100% recyclable material.
      Endless application and possibilities,like patio covers, barns, retail locations and homes.
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    1. No-Girder Multiple- Shape Screw-Joint Machine The no girder multiple shape screw joint machine is an advanced, automatic building system, consisting of the forming and curving parts. The screw joint machine processes building panels in a workshop, and after production, the panels are transported to the construction site. Inquiry Form
UBM Cold Roll Forming Machine

The UBM cold roll forming machine is a self-contained, trailer mounted mobile factory used for the production of steel buildings directly at a construction site. The building material is a steel coil stock. The roll forming machine is towed to the construction site where it is set up by a small crew adjacent to the building location.

    1. KR 18/24/163 Frame Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine The KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine is characterized by high strength and impressive live load capabilities. The trapezoidal panels produced can be used for constructions of warehouses, shopping malls, stadiums, and other commercial developments. Inquiry Form
    1. Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine The flat sheet forming machine is the equipment to press, through rolling the colored steel sheet with thickness of 0.3-1.0mm into all kinds of wave pattern sheet. It has following characteristics: light weight, high strength, rich colors, and earthquake-proof and fireproof, etc. Inquiry Form
    1. No-Girder Large Span Building Machine The no-girder large span building machine fabricates the roof panels at the workshop. Those roof panels will be delivered to where the buildings are constructed by trucks. The roofs are time-savings and good-looking, and they are easy to install. 
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Metal Forming Machines

The metal forming machine adopts cold roll forming technology which is a highly efficient and economical processing method. The forming stations are assembled with definite shapes of rollers. As sheet metal travels between the forming stations, it is formed gradually into desired geometry.

    1. Spiral Seaming Type Steel Silo Machine We have released our spiral steel silo forming machine in the market in 2006. It is a new steel strip forming machine designed on the basis of the LIPP-SM40 machine from Germany which can produce circular steel plate storehouse (a metallic container). It has all the functions that the SM40 machine has. Inquiry Form
    1. Polyurethane Insulation Spray Foam Machine / PU Sprayer As a high pressure polyurethane machine, the polyurethane insulation painting machine is an ideal piece of spray painting equipment used in architectural coating. With an air pressure spray gun, the spray painting machine applies spray polyurethane coating onto the surface, outer wall and roof of the building. Inquiry Form

Quality is our primary focus at Changsheng. We are ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System certified, products are CE certified, and the majority of our technicians are senior mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and technical advisers with several years of experience. Our team members have participated in many large-scale engineering projects overseas, and they are available to help customers test equipment and instruct them to use the equipment in developing projects. With advanced CNC devices and machining equipment, we manufacture nearly every part and component of our products ourselves, thus the quality of our K type arch span forming machine, KR-18B/KR-24 steel panel forming machine, and other types of roll forming machines have leading positions among our peer enterprises. Moreover, we provide our staff with regular training in order to improve their skills, efficiency, and competency which translates into our customers receiving better service.