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Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

Main Devices
A. Simple decoiler
B. Main roll forming machine
C. Hydraulic shearing machine
D. Hydraulic station
E. Digital control cabinet

A. Simple Decoiler
Welded channel steel & steel plate frame
Manually adjust the screw shaft to make four arch leaves expand in sync.
Expansion range: φ460~φ520mm
Maximum loading weight: 1tons

B. Main Roll Forming Machine
Welded section steel base, both sides are made of steel plate
Embossing rollers are made of Cr12, and are vacuum heat treated for reaching the hardness of HCR58~62.
Pressing rollers are made of #45 steel. After experiencing the vacuum heat treatment in precision lathing, the hardness reaches HRC55~58. They also go through tempering and quenching treatment
Chain transmission
Driven by 5.5KW motor

C. Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Welded steel plate frame
Blade material: forged Cr12MoV, rough lathing and heat treatment to get the hardness of HRC58~62.

D. Hydraulic Station
Hydraulic driving motor: 4.0 KW
Gear hydraulic pump: 16Mpa

E. Digital Control Operation Cabinet
Inverter control for saving energy for user
Stable control, innovative PLC, LCD screen display
Touch screen operation

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